You must develop your mould designs properly

In order to be able to sell the best products to customers, you have to spend years working at it. This is a lesson we know very well after working on improving our blank mould gauges for so long. Our expertise here is unbeatable. Whenever a client approaches us, we go above and beyond to give them what they desire.

There is one thing everyone should know about the glass container industry. It is that there are manufacturers who are having issues with retaining knowledge. Many senior employees are beginning their retirements. As for the younger staff, many are not acquiring the right knowledge. This is resulting in major situations that influence production efficiencies. For example, machines may not be working as they should. The areas most at risk in a glass plant are the mould design and production departments.

Poor mould development

It does not matter how new the forming machine is or how much experience production staff has. Badly influenced production efficiencies are possible. This happens when mould designs are not properly developed for a particular cooling system and container. Knowledge of mould design is essential to ensure decent production and performance at a glass plant.

The blank side

A container's glass thickness distribution is primarily defined at the blank side. The parison's thermal conditioning shall influence the glass' stretching behaviour. It will do so into its final container shape.

Cold glass that is on the parison skin won't stretch very much. This results in thicker areas.

It is the opposite for hotter glass on the parison since this shall stretch with ease. Such an outcome shall result in thinner areas for the container.

The mould design is what directly influences the stretching behaviour. Process stability on the machine is also important. Both elements have an impact on the heat extracting from glass to mould.

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