Why is amber glass so widespread?

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Amber glass bottles are incredibly popular for numerous applications. You could find them in use to hold ale or a type of herbal remedy. Many people wonder why this glass is so popular and what its vital properties are. To help you better understand the glass, we have some details below.

Advantages of use

Some of the advantages that come with amber glass are common to every form of the material. For example, it can protect contents without spoiling the flavour and will not tarnish. However, it can offer some extra benefits too. One of them is how it handles light. Like other types of glass it can block UV light. But, as opposed to these other glasses, it can also block blue light and other lights with wavelengths beneath 450 nm. This makes it the perfect choice for storing light-sensitive items.

Because of the light-resistant characteristics, you can use amber glass bottles to store products that have distinct chemical compositions. These typically need protection from photo-oxidation. From pharmaceuticals to brewing, it is the ideal choice for containers to create a barrier between your delicate item and the world.

Appeal and colour

As well as having these practical attributes, amber glass is famous for its classic appeal and gorgeous colour. Anywhere that decorators and designers aim to find the correct balance between the contemporary and rustic, you will probably find it. This can include things like tableware and decor.

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