Why do people prefer reaming to boring?

The mould reamer is a tool that you use specifically to repair moulds. With one, you can attend to all of the faults in a comprehensive manner. As a result, you won't have to perform a complicated and expensive machining operation. Best of all, you will still receive quality results.

One of the most customary metalwork processes is holemaking. It is an essential procedure that demands you match the correct operation with every project. This way, you can maximise profitability. Many consider boring the go-to approach here. However, an increasing number of manufacturers are turning to reaming. They think of it as a superior alternative in particular applications. We are going to explain why so many people hold reaming in high regard.

Time saving

The truth is that reaming can save you time. A finish boring head typically comes with a single tooth only. A reamer on the other hand has multiple teeth. Thanks to this, users are able to take advantage of far quicker feed rates. In other words, they can increase productivity.

Standing up to the heat

Reaming is also an excellent solution for substances that aren't capable of enduring extreme levels of heat. These usually need longer cycle times and slower machining so that it does not compromise the material. When this happens, the price of the part goes up considerably. 

With so much time expended, it is vital for you to have a foolproof plan in position once you get to the final process of finishing a hole. The last thing you want to do is spend a long time boring. The speed of a reamer again comes into play.

At Penico Gauges, we supply customers with the mould reamer they require in the precise size. Our company can even offer driving wrenches if the situation calls for one. As veterans in our industry, we will give you nothing short of a first-class service. 

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