What type of glass are you using?

Penico Gauges is a name that many businesses in the glass container industry will know. We produce products they can rely on, including blank mould gauges, mould reamers, and more. Without these tools it would be harder to make and maintain their moulds. As a result, we have lots of happy customers who work with us regularly.

A choice of glass

The many years we have spent in this industry have given us an impressive wealth of knowledge. This includes info about the various types of glass people may try to use. Below are some details about these different products.

Soda lime

The most popular material for bottles and jars is known as soda lime glass. It is a combination of silica, calcium, and soda. These substances are melted at very high temperatures, creating the molten glass. The amount of silica in the mix can vary to suit the use of the final containers. A higher amount will result in a material with more resistance to thermal shock. That is great for any receptacles that will need to hold very hot substances.


This is another popular choice of glass. It differs from soda lime because it has much higher silicon dioxide content and also contains boron trioxide. What this means is the glass has a vastly superior resistance to thermal shock. As a result it won't expand as much even in extreme fluctuating temperatures. Borosilicate glass is becoming a more and more popular option, especially for high end glassware.


The mix here contains lead instead of calcium. This material has an impressive clarity and can be cut in many beautiful ways. However, it is quite rare to use it today, especially for containers and drinkware. That is because of the dangerous of lead poisoning. An alternative is crystal glass. It has zinc oxide, barium oxide, or potassium oxide in place of the lead.

Ask us about blank mould gauges

Penico is one of the leaders in our industry because we always work to offer the best products. Our goal is to ensure each one is precise, whether it is a gauge or a reamer. As a result they can help our clients to create the highest quality glass containers, keeping flaws and waste to a minimum.

If you would like to speak to us about blank mould gauges or any other products, please get in touch. We have options to suit most needs, including a choice of sizes. We can even make a bespoke gauge if you need one.