What happens after you form the glass containers?

Reamers are utensils that are necessary in many mechanical projects. You either use them by hand or as additions to your mechanisms. The mould reamer is different. It is for the explicit purpose of working on moulds. They come in handy when you find you have to repair any faults.

Glass container production made the move to automation during the early 20th century. Since then, there have been major breakthroughs in inspection, efficiency, and automation. However, a glassmaker who was in operation during those earlier days would still be able to spot the essential aspects of a modern production line. They are more or less the same as how they were 100 years prior.

What we are going to do is talk a little about what happens straight after the containers are fully formed. This is an important stage and can affect the quality of the batch of products.

Step by step

After forming, you remove the containers from your IS apparatus. This occurs during the take-out phase. Following this, an automated pusher moves them to a conveyor. Functions overseen by conveyors and pushers that transport containers between stages are called ware handling at times. This type of handling at high speed while the vessels are still incredibly fragile and hot requires great care.

The lehr

The wares travel along the conveyor and move to the lehr. Sometimes, we refer to this as the annealing lehr. Within it, you reheat the holders to roughly 580°C. Once this is done, you cool them using a procedure called annealing. Thermal treatment is another name for it. As glass cools, it shrinks naturally. Such a process can lead to stresses inside containers. Therefore, you have to manage the operation carefully. This way, you can guarantee that the containers will be as robust as possible.

The easiest way to order a mould reamer

At Penico Gauges, we have made it a point to be ready to meet the needs of everyone who comes to us. We have mould reamer models that range in sizes between 2" and 7". Additionally, we are more than capable of creating special sizes if you need them.

If you need high quality tooling to create glass containers, please let us know. We would be happy to help you ensure your products are precise.