What glass colours work well for protecting oil against light?

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When you are selecting glass containers for essential oils, you will have multiple colours to pick from. You might decide to choose the colour that is most appealing. However, you must think about how the light will influence the product. Surprisingly, there will be big differences in the performance of the glasses.

The possible options include green, cobalt blue, clear, and amber glass. Every colour comes with its own protective and aesthetic features. To make the best choice for your products, factor in marketing, shelf life, and light protection. With regards to the latter, the more opaque and darker the glass, the more protection you have against oxidation. This breaks the oils down and nullifies their therapeutic value with time. So, you definitely want a glass that can reduce it.

Amber glass

Now that we know more about light, let's go over the advantages of the various glasses. Amber glass provides protection against light wavelengths in the 10 to 400nm range. This is perfect for protecting against UV light radiation.

Green and blue glass

These two might be more visually appealing. However, they don't give your oils that much protection. They can protect against visible light, but they can't defend oils against UV rays. Not to mention, they are on the pricier side.

Clear glass

These containers won't degrade the oils' integrity directly. Saying this, they come with no light protection. Clear glass should not be your preference for essential oils.

Neckring profile gauges for moulds for any colour glass

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