What are the multiple casting types like?

The mould reamer is a tool that can help you with a very specific job. This task is mould repair. No two jobs are the same though. We have thought ahead here as we provide reamers in a plethora of sizes. The standard ones range from 2" to 7" and we are more than capable of creating special sizes too.

One important process that involves a mould is casting. This is a manufacturing operation where you pour liquid metal or glass into the mould. From there, you let it solidify. Several forms of this process exist. You need to know all about them in order to choose the best one for your projects. To assist you, we are going to discuss some of them here.

Sand casting

This is the most common method and it supplies the most straightforward medium for producing non-ferrous castings. It does so by pouring molten metal inside a sand mould. People select the procedure when producing a small amount of products. They also pick it for large items and for complex shapes that demand intricate cores.

The advantages of this type are the general versatility and low tooling costs. In addition it is possible to achieve very low gas porosity and large casting sizes.

Gravity die casting

What you do here is pour molten metal inside permanent cast iron moulds. This procedure generates chill castings. Furthermore, it possesses a greater cast rate than sand casting. The tradeoff is that the metal moulds cost more.

Advantages of this type include obtaining fine grain sizes and the potential of low gas porosity. Something else you should know is that you won't require as much polishing and finishing here.

Ordering a mould reamer

At Penico Gauges, we make certain that customers are never without the right tools. We specialise in supporting customers who use moulds to cast glass containers. All you need to do is tell us what kind of reamer you need and how big it should be. Once we have the necessary details, we can send one out to you.

Contact us today if there is anything we can aid you with. We can help you select the right mould reamer for your project and offer lots of tips. In addition, we can share our extensive experience.