Understanding the mould

We've devoted much of our time to creating the best blank mould gauges around. In addition, our team has worked hard to develop excellent relationships with customers. As a result we gain a far greater understanding of their needs. This knowledge helps us immensely in delivering products and services they can rely on.


Mould making is a practice that has existed for countless years. It's true that professionals have utilised the technique within the world of art. However, this process and those related to it play essential parts outside of it. Examples of the areas that they support include mass glass container manufacturing and scientific research inside the automotive industry. To comprehend the process, you must know what a mould is.

The facts about moulds

Moulds are blocks that carry an empty space in a preferred shape. Casting is the action of shaping a pliable substance or liquid in this space. The material could be plaster, plastic, concrete, glass, epoxy, clay, or metal. Generally you pour the medium into the mould. With time it will set or harden within the mould and acquire its shape. The result is a solidified item called the casting.

There's an entire worldwide industry overseen by talented sculptures as well as mould makers. They are the ones who fashion the tools necessary for fabricating moulds. Furnaces and kilns are among the most critical pieces of equipment. Typically, one would find them inside a foundry.

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