Tips for successfully making moulds

Creating the finest blank mould gauges does not happen overnight. It takes years of experience and understanding of your clients' needs. We use our expertise wisely to produce reliable products. We are also in a place where we can respond to any customer requirement, no matter how complex it is. If they need a bespoke gauge, we can offer it.

Several material choices are available when it comes to creating moulds. However, the general construction methods are not too dissimilar. For convenience, simplicity, and speed, hobby metal experts typically design their parts in certain ways. Said ways allow open-faced, single-piece, simple moulds to work. This negates the issues of dealing with alignment, risers, cope, and sprue.

Starting out

One vital step in forming a mould is to first pick a flask of sufficient size. This will allow you to put an inch or two of sand between the flask's wooden sides and mould cavity. With two part moulds, people typically consider bigger sizes the better options. Extra weight aids you in keeping the metal in position. It also holds the cope from floating up and supplies leakage between the two.

The next steps

Next, place the upside down drag on your moulding board. This is sufficiently large enough to contain it. Place the pattern in the drag upside down. Following this, sprinkle them using parting dust. Put enough sand into the flask so you can cover every section of the pattern. When you are done, use your hands and press it into steady contact with your pattern. Once you finish this, you should heap enough unriddled sand into your drag. Doing this lets you cover the pattern by about 2 or 3 inches.

Come to us for blank mould gauges

At Penico Gauges, we understand how important it is for people to have tools capable of doing the jobs. More glass container manufacturers all over the globe are purchasing moulds because it is a reliable way to create products. However, they need to respect and follow the correct manufacturing processes. Our blank mould gauges aid them in doing this.

So, if you would like to order gauges, you can contact us.