Tips for cleaning glass bottles

The reamer is a utensil that is great for all kinds of mechanical operations. There are several options, including hand and machine driven tools. As for our special mould reamer, it is a tool specifically for use on moulds. Normal reamers won't do as they are not specifically adapted for use on moulds. With our special designs however, you will have the perfect item for your needs.

Glass bottles are easily able to replace the plastic ones within your property. You can reuse them an endless number of times. In the long run, you will be able to save money and can reduce how much plastic waste you produce. However, some people don't like the idea of reusing bottles. There is no need to worry though. With the right cleaning techniques, you can sanitise them and make them as good as new.

Brush scrubbing

One of the most efficient cleaning methods is bottle brush scrubbing. Start by grabbing a long brush with soft plastic bristles or a baby bottle brush. This will stop you from scratching the glass interior, leaving no areas for bacteria to thrive.

What you should do is scrub the inside by pivoting the brush's handle to reach every area. Next, rinse the bottle by filling it with hot water roughly one third the way. To coat every area inside the bottle, swish it around and pour it out. Leave it to dry by letting it stand in a rack or strainer.

The rice method

Rice soaking is another option you can use. Grab a quarter cup of raw, uncooked rice and place it in the bottom of your container. Put in three drops of dishwashing detergent too. Next, fill up the bottle three fourths of the way using hot water. Cover the bottle and shake for 20 seconds. Finally, you need to drain the rice and rinse your bottle. It is preferable to rinse two to three times to ensure you get all the grains out. Then, allow the bottle to dry.

A mould reamer to help you create quality glass bottles

At Penico Gauges, we sell reamers in various sizes, ranging from 2" to 7". In addition, we create special sizes for those with more specific requirements. What's more, we have two different reamer styles. High Speed Steel for example is ideal for use on cast iron whereas Carbide Tipped is great for bronze as well as cast iron.

So, if you need our mould reamer to help you create consistently great glass bottles, please let us know. We can talk to you about sizes, different teeth options, and more. At the end of the day you will get tooling you can trust.