Think about the properties of your glass

When customers approach us, we make sure we can offer the very best solutions. To achieve this we create the highest quality blank mould gauges. These tools are meant specifically for IS mould equipment inspection work. Mould repair and manufacturing mould equipment are hard jobs that need the best tooling. But, with our help, people are able to easily get their hands on these utensils.

Generally speaking, glass is a brittle yet hard material that is translucent or transparent. It could be made using a mixture of lime, soda, sand, and other substances. The standard forming operation heats your raw materials into a molten liquid state. It then goes into a mould for forming. Following this, it rapidly cools to produce the final product. You need the right tools at each stage to ensure the products are perfect and free from flaws.

With the different types of glass, you can separate them by their thermal and mechanical properties. You do so to figure out which applications will be most appropriate for them. The properties we will discuss here are vital to think about when selecting your glass.


This is a measure of a liquid's resistance to flow, or interior friction. Glass exists in its molten liquid form at some stage. Here, the majority of processing approaches today need the viscosity to be in a specific range at a specific temperature. We refer to this as the working point. If the glass cannot reach this or exceeds it, there can be big issues with creating products.

Thermal expansion

This is another important property. Glass normally expands with rising temperatures. The thermal expansion curve offers multiple critical insights to manufacturers and engineers. Firstly, there is the thermal expansion coefficient. This measures the rate of expansion with rises in temperature. Another one is transition temperature. This sees a period of sudden expansion and the onset of viscoelastic behaviour.

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