The stages of glass packaging production

To guarantee a successful project in the glass container industry, you must do some measurements. Specifically, you need to measure the profile of your neckring. We can assist you with this by offering the best neckring profile gauges in the country. Our thirty years of experience allows us to produce results that others cannot match.

With glass packaging, the product stands or falls by the quality of the design. Yours could be a quirky jar or a stylish, slender bottle. What you have to do to succeed is follow the steps of production.

The brief

Step one is designing the brief. The team in charge could be working from a discussion of your ideas. Alternatively, it could be from a sample from a separate container or a drawing. Whatever the case, they should be working with you closely to understand your needs. They might try to explore your requirements further. This is so they can suggest ways to help with filling and production.

Realising your concepts

The next thing on the list is realising the initial concept. This is an essential step and the concept can appear in various forms. Said forms include a mock up, 3D visualisation, or an outline drawing. A visualisation is the most recurring because it supplies you with a realistic view of what your final product is going to look like. When you're satisfied with the design, you'll typically have a full technical specification for you to sign off. After everything wraps up here, the team should get to work acquiring the mould equipment.

Mould equipment

Most manufacturers make glass containers in batches. To do this they need a lot of moulds. It is important that each one is the exact dimensions. So, you need to confirm these measurements in the design phase before ordering equipment.

Mould maintenance

Once you start moulding you need to keep up to date with mould maintenance. This is important as use can wear the moulds or leave material behind. You should measure them regularly using things like our neckring profile gauges to ensure they are precise.

At Penico, we ship our gauges to more than forty countries all over the world. Clients a fair distance from us shouldn't have to worry about waiting too long however. We use major carriers to ensure a hasty and smooth delivery. In many cases we also have local agents who stock our products.

If you want to know more about our neckring profile gauges or other products, feel free to contact us. We love helping clients choose the right items, so rely on us.