The other steps involved in blown glass production

Creating the ideal blank mould gauges has taken some time. However, thanks to our efforts, we have been successful with this. We have not stopped though. Instead we are continuously looking for new ways to improve on our work. That way, we can be confident that we can satisfy our client's requirements with ease.

As experts in the glass container industry, it makes sense that we know the facts relating to all kinds of glass. One variation would be blown glass. Another word for this is moulded glass. Here, the manufacturer will direct gobs of hot glass to the moulding machine from a furnace. In addition, they head into the cavities where air forces its way in. This creates the neck and general shape of the container. When shaping them, they become what is known as a parison.


To manufacture the final container, you would use one of two processes. They are Press & Blow and Blow & Blow. Regardless of the one you choose, there are several other operations you must remain aware of. This includes conditioning.

When you form the containers, you load them into an annealing lehr. Here, you bring the temperature back up to roughly 1500ºF. From here, you reduce this gradually to under 900ºF. The purpose here is to eradicate the stress found in containers.

Surface treatment

This is another essential procedure. You apply exterior treatment to halt abrading. This is what makes the glass more susceptible to breakage. What happens is that you spray on a coating. It reacts to the surface of the glass to generate a tin oxide coating. The coating stops bottles from sticking to each other, limiting breakage.

The best source of blank mould gauges

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