The major types of glass used to create bottles

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A manufacturer will typically use one of three major varieties of glass to create bottles. These are borosilicate, treated soda lime, and normal soda lime. The raw materials to create glass include about 70% sand. This is in addition to a particular mixture of limestone, soda ash, and extra natural substances. All of this depends on the properties they desire in the batch.

Soda lime

When fabricating soda lime glass, cullet, recycled, or crushed glass is another essential ingredient. Manufacturers use these items because they reduce the amount of raw materials they need to use. They also have a low melting temperature and therefore require less energy. The quantity of cullet in the batch of glass differs though.

Borosilicate glass

This is a heat-resistant type of glass. As a result it won't melt at the same temperature that soda lime glass does. Instead, it melts depending on the viscosity of the fluid in the re-melting phase. An important thing to keep in mind is you can't typically recycle this kind of glass.

Make the right choice

It is important that manufacturers take care to choose the right kind of glass for their bottles. Soda lime is a more cost effective option and can be much better for the environment because it is recyclable. However, if heat resistance is important, using borosilicate is the right option.

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