The IS machine is a highly adaptable piece of equipment

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One of the essential pieces of equipment within the glass container industry is the IS machine. It is a machine that comes with a modular operation. Because of this, it has proven itself to be very adaptable. Additionally, it is possible to use it with various glass forming processes.

In total, there are two elementary principles of formation in mould manufacturing. They are:

Press and Blow

During the initial forming procedure, the manufacturer produces a parison in a blank mould. Some people also refer to parisons as initial glass preforms. When one is ready, they swiftly transfer it to a second finishing mould. Here a physical plunger will push the parison inside the mould. This will create the shape of the container.

Blow and blow

For this option, a manufacturer fabricates the final product and parison via blowing. They do so using compressed air and similar gases. Just like the other technique, the manufacturer moves the parison to the finishing mould. Next, it is blown to obtain the final container shape. 

This process is limited to wide mouth containers. These are ones with openings that exceed 35mm. As a result, it is very common for jar manufacturing. In the Blow and Blow operation, final glass shape can be influenced by the blown glass distribution within the parison.

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