The improvements made to IS machines over time

Moulds must have the right profile in the glass container industry. This is something you cannot argue against. To ensure your profile is right, you will need the most suitable tools. This is where we come in because we provide a wide range of neckring profile gauges. You can use them to measure the neckrings so you know they are accurate.

The introduction and use of lightweight containers depends heavily on one thing. This is the glass forming technologies. One of the most vital pieces of equipment would be the IS machine. However, a lot of people don't know about their history. To help, we are going to talk about the machine timing and the control systems.

Changes in mechanics

With IS machines, the basic principles of their operation is unaltered for the most part. It is different for the systems that take care of the actuation and synchronisation of the machine's mechanics. They have seen significant change. Early models made use of a simple rotating drum utensil. This was to supply the synchronisation and timing of actuators controlled pneumatically.

During the 70s, we saw the introduction of electronic timing systems. They gave people the benefit of more control over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. There was also better machine adaptability and simpler timing changes.

Servo-electric actuators

We are moving to the 90s now. Here, hydraulic and pneumatic machines were getting replaced with servo-electric actuators. These had a new degree of control.

By the year 2000, systems with full servo-electric control were on offer. This began with the introduction of the Emhart Next Generation IS Machine. The new system came with many benefits. This was because it had actuators that you can decelerate or accelerate. As a result it could reduce equipment wear and offer better production control. Finally, there was the ability to use interlocks to stop machine components from colliding.

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