The importance of identifying and rectifying mould flaws

As experts in the glass container industry, we're familiar with the tools companies use. Standard reamers are useful for performing various mechanical operations. However, they aren't really suitable for moulds. A mould reamer on the other hand is different. It's something people use specifically for mould repair projects. They prove far more effective in situations that have distinct needs.

A great container passes through the customer's filling line without causing problems. It shall also keep the product safe all the way to the end user. As such, it's critical that containers pass inspections successfully. There should be strict standards to meet. In addition they should match the client's specifications. Only afterwards can you release it from the glass plant for sale.

Lots of potential flaws

In total, around one hundred defects can affect a container. This happens during the production procedure. Some of them are beyond the operator's control. Stones are a good example. However, the biggest number of imperfections materialise in the machine operation. Another prime location for them is in your feeder. 

If you know where issues can occur you can begin ensuring they don't happen. In some cases you may need several remedies in place to resolve the problems.

A ruined reputation

It's essential for the production personnel team to identify the flaws. In addition, they must understand what they can do to prevent them. A glass container can fail on a customer's filling line due to a manufacturing defect. When this happens, the manufacturer's reputation suffers. This leads to a loss of goodwill from the customers. 

At Penico Gauges, we're able to provide you with a mould reamer for every size needs. We also have two separate styles of reamer. They're appropriate for different kinds of mould material. Therefore, with us, you'll always have the right tools for the job. 

If you would like to know more about our reamers, feel free to get in touch anytime. We manufacture them to high standards and ship all over the world. As a result we are one of the most successful global providers in our field.