The hot end and cold end processes

The mould reamer is one of the most useful tools we supply. It's appropriate for a wide range of mechanical operations. With a specialised utensil, you can repair any faulty elements you find with your moulds. People are free to use the reamers by hand as well as part of a machine.

Some custom applications still use traditional blow moulding and glass-blowing techniques to create glass bottles. However, most other manufacturers now rely on automated set ups. There are two important parts to this. They are the hot end process and cold end process. We are going to discuss how they work.

The hot end process

Bottle production generally takes place at a glass container factory and has numerous stages. The hot end processes act as the first of these. Usually, they utilise huge levels of pressure to generate and shape the containers. 

Firstly, you use a furnace in order to create the molten glass. This is fed to the furnace as glass feed stock. Soda-lime glass is used for the majority of products. Before melting takes place, you add recycled glass to the stock. This can account for 15 to 50% of the final material.

The next phase in this part of the process is the moulding. Molten glass is poured into a blank mould to create a parison. A blast of air then expands this in a blow mould. Ultimately the glass will cool and take this shape.

The cold end process

During the cold end process you inspect and package the glass containers. In most cases, inspection happens with a blend of mechanical and automated inspection. This ensures the integrity. Recurring faults include stones and checks. It's vital that you catch these since they can easily weaken your components. 

Depending on the facility, packing strategies can vary. The size of the production run and the type of container also play a part here.

At Penico Gauges, we provide customers with a mould reamer in the size that they order. With one, you won't have to go through the hassle of hiring specialist staff and machines for your projects. In addition to being less stressful, this is also more cost effective. 

If you're interested in finding out more about our reamers, please contact us.