The critical property that is heat transfer

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The fashioning of molten glass into the necessary final shape involves the use of several simultaneous processes. For example, you need to withdraw heat from the viscous glass that you are shaping. It is necessary to do this at such a rate that the item keeps it's sought after shape through the formation process.

What is heat transfer?

One of the critical properties of glass forming would be heat transfer. This is the limiting factor that exists in commercial production speeds. It is the level of heat that moves from the glass to the mould. It decides how long your glass must spend at every stage of the production.


It is thought that high heat transfer coefficients are indicators of decent thermal contact at the glass-to-mould interface. This indicates that the ideal contact between the mould and glass would aid in the quickest heat transfers. Therefore, it would increase possible production speeds.

As for perfect contact, this would suggest that your glass would have to adhere to your mould. Intimate contact like this would be brilliant for heat transfer.

On the other hand, it would stop the removal of your article from the mould. Alternatively, it would increase the likelihood of the glass surface being damaged. Therefore, you need to plan for this.

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