The containers you can make with press and blow

As Penico Gauges we design and manufacture a series of specialist tools. For years, we have been at the forefront of our industry. This is because we know what customers desire the most from their purchases. As a result we fabricate our blank mould gauges in ways that enable them to fully satisfy their users.

You may already be familiar with glass containers. If so, you are probably aware of the processes manufacturers use to create them. Press and blow is the example we shall use here. However, you might not know about the specific types of receptacles you can make with this technique. Read on to find out.

Wide mouth packer bottles

These include a spacious opening which makes them perfect for storing solids. The amber coloured ones filter ultraviolet wavelengths out. This turns them into a practical choice for solids that are light sensitive. These containers are the archetypal vitamin bottles. As a result, they are very common as pharmaceutical packaging. You are also free to use them in environmental and chemical applications.

Clear glass French square bottles

These containers are simple to fill and space-saving. The clear glass offers users minimal chemical interference with the contents. There is also complete visibility with them. The French square model permits the container to hold more product while taking up less storage and shelf space. The large mouth is ideal for sampling, storing, and mixing.

Graduated medium round bottles

These are wonderful multipurpose receptacles people use with pathological and biological specimens. One other use would be storing industrial laboratory reagents and chemicals. So they offer easy handling and pouring, these glass bottles come with a slight shoulder.

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