The clever ways you can reuse glass milk bottles

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One of most common types of glass container in the UK is the milk bottle. It is quite a traditional product today, especially with many people now often buying their milk in plastic bottles from a supermarket. But there is something nice about glass. It is also very reusable. Read on to discover how you can reuse your glass milk bottles to make some really great products.


The first thing you can do is use them as a vase. Out of all the tricks in the book, this is the easiest. Rinse your bottles out and fill them up with water. You can then cut a few flowers and put them in. To make your flowers last, dilute a mug of green tea with two litres of water. Next, simply watch your flowers bloom. Arrange your stems in the ways you want to as well. What you will end up with is the cheapest vases you have ever had.

Salad dressing shakers and sauce bottles

You can also use the bottles as salad dressing shakers and to hold various sauces. They will act as the ideal receptacles for your favourites. Whilst filling your container, see to it that you leave sufficient room at the top. Try leaving an inch. This way, you will be able to give your dressing or sauce a decent shake before putting it onto your food.

Fun possibilities

Lastly, you can use the bottles for craft projects with the children. If you need something to do with the young ones, milk bottles are ideal for painting on. Lay some protective sheets down and get your glass paints out. Let the kids go wild with their paint because the possibilities are practically limitless.

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