The casting issues you may experience

When someone needs to find high quality blank mould gauges, they come to us. Using our superior experience and knowledge, we fabricate tools capable of meeting the client's needs. Once they start utilising our goods, they will have a far easier time running their business in a smooth and cost efficient manner.

One process that involves a mould is casting. Here, you deliver a metal liquid into a mould that has a hollow of the necessary shape. You pour this metal into your mould via a hollow channel we call a sprue. Then, you allow everything to cool before extracting the metal part.

Like most other operations, it is possible to encounter defects here. Fortunately, there are ways of getting around them.


Of all the casting defects, the most common is porosity. This is the result of complications with the running system. To remove these issues, it is ideal to use bespoke running systems that you tailor to the specifications of the customer. 

Trapped gases and air can also cause porosity. They do so either on the inside or the surface of your casting. Gas porosity happens because it is possible for the molten metal to hold a considerable amount of dissolved gas. Consequently, as the material cools, gas bubbles form.


This is another defect. It can manifest as breakage or a crack on the casting's surface. The two primary types of shrinkage are pattern maker's and solidification. The latter happens due to metals that are less dense as liquids than solids. It can show up when your molten metal moves to a thin section of the mould from a thick one. You can address this by using chills or risers. 

As for the pattern maker's, it appears because of the molten metal's natural shrinkage when it cools to room temperature. What you must do here is factor an allowance into the pattern design.

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