Technical advice on glass moulds

The blank mould gauges we supply are some of the finest products on the market. This is the result of us having spent many years as a leading figure in our industry. We have had the pleasure to work alongside countless clients. This lets us get a better idea of their needs. As a result, we can deliver tools that will offer real value.

Glassware is something that people tend to use on a daily basis. A lot of people even know how to make it. However, they will lack knowledge of the equipment and machinery that manufacturers rely on. To help, we are going to go over some of the more technical details.


When we discuss the moulds for glass containers and tableware, we need to start by distinguishing the forming process. The operations that are most common are pressing and blowing. There are also combinations of the pair, like press-blow, and blow-blow procedures. In addition, there is another process known as spinning. Here, a glass glob spins alongside the mould. This results in the glass adopting the mould's shape via centrifugal force.

There are several kinds of machines in use depending on the process. The mould designer must know the forming process extremely well. They cannot design the moulds otherwise.

Press machines

On press machines, you form by pressing molten glass into the mould. You do this with a plunger. Glass takes on the form of the cavity. Said cavity is generated by the plunger, ring, bottom, and mould. Press moulds are usually stainless steel and created by electroslag remelting operations. These can withstand thermal and chemical stresses, as well as great pressures.

At Penico Gauges, we design our blank mould gauges for a specific purpose; IS Mould Equipment Inspection. Thanks to our items, you have the foundation for proper interlocking fits. These ensure mould interchangeability. This is a critical for increasing the life of your mould. As a result it can save you a great deal of money.

Do you need bespoke blank mould gauges?

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