Situations where you should use glass containers

Having the right profile is essential for manufacturers in the glass container industry. The Penico team wants to make certain everyone gets the best results. For this to happen, we provide the highest quality neckring profile gauges. With one, you can offer your own customers top notch products.

We live in a world that is full of choice. This is even true when it comes to food containers. People often have to choose between plastic and glass. The trouble is that this decision isn't always straight forward. We are specialists in the latter however. As a result, we know what situations call for this material. Below you can look at some examples.


When your health is the primary concern, glass is the way to go. Even when someone uses BPA-free plastic, endocrine-disrupting chemicals could get into your food. This happens during microwaving. Glass has a non-porous surface that does not absorb like plastic does. In addition, you can wash it safely in your dishwasher at greater temperatures without any warping or melting. The majority of glass food containers can endure massive heat levels without any damage.


Glass is also preferable if you are focusing on aesthetics. Many people would rather serve their dishes from glass containers instead of plastic ones. They aren't that far off from legitimate dishware. Moreover, they don't absorb stains or smells so they look pristine for longer.


Last but not least, glass is an excellent choice for anyone with concerns about the environment. If you care for glass containers properly, they will last a very long time. If you ever decide to throw them away, they are completely recyclable. This is better than simply throwing them away.

At Penico, we ship our neckring profile gauges to more than 40 countries. For deliveries, we dispatch most of them using major carriers. This way, we can guarantee an efficient and swift delivery. In addition, we have local dealers in many countries that hold a stock of our products.

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