Selecting the right material for your mould base

The thing about working in the glass container industry is that your mould must have the correct profile. Discovering whether you actually have it can be tricky without the proper tools though. Fortunately, we have what you need. Our company provides the greatest neckring profile gauges in the UK, offering standard as well as bespoke sizes.

The substances you use for mould bases are fairly simple in nature. They are customary and have existed for a long time. Despite this, you must select the right ones if you want to save time and money. You can effectively break these mould base materials into several categories. We will be discussing some of them here.

Carbon steels

First, we have hot rolled steel mediums. These range from low to medium carbon variants. It's easy to machine these steels and end up with a suitable tensile strength. Additionally, you can find these materials with ease and for reasonable prices. Normally, people choose them when their project has tremendously low production runs.

Chrome-moly materials

Next, we have chrome-moly substances, including 4140, 4130, P20, and others. They come with a hardness range from 28 to 34 HRC. In addition, the mechanical properties are considerable. 

These materials are perfect for core and cavity plates, and also other plates necessary in the mould base. You can machine them sufficiently well too. In some scenarios however, you'll require heavy grinding or machining. Here, you may need to stress relieve your materials.

Stainless steel

Finally, there is stainless steel. This medium is pre-hardened to 30-35 HRC. It provides decent corrosion protection and has excellent machinability. Moreover, you don't need to stress relieve it. This substance works well in situations where humidity might be a problem.

At Penico, because of our thirty years of experience, we can design the most efficient neckring profile gauges possible. They can help you in making sure you're creating the highest quality moulds you can. If you have any questions about our products, be sure to contact us.