Reusing your old glass candle jars

When manufacturers need necking profile gauges, they shop with us. Our team has been providing stellar tools for the longest time. These are critical components for the mould repair operation. By using them, you will be able to help your business operate more effectively and smoothly.

As experts in the glass container industry, we understand the finer details of these products. One of the more useful designs is the candle jar. Some of you might be wondering how you can reuse these items. Fortunately, we have a little guide below that goes over some repurposing ideas. They can help you to give new life to these items rather than throwing them away.


Something you can try is turning the jars into plant pots. Larger ones are the ideal size to hold various types of plants. You can place them all over your home to add greenery to spaces. They are better than other types of pots because you can actually see the roots growing and thriving. This can give you an indication of when you need to move them to bigger pots. When you do this, you can reuse the jar to plant new things.

Beauty products

You can also use the jars to clear up your vanity area. There aren't many better ways to keep beauty products organised than up-cycling candle jars. These containers are ideal for pencils, eyeliners, and make-up brushes. As for compact containers, they are better for pins and cotton wool pads.

Candle supplies

Another great use for the jars is to store your supplies for lighting candles. You may have a collection of fun matchboxes or just choose classic long cook's matches. Or you may prefer the convenience of a gas candle lighter. Either way, a glass jar can be a great place to store them.

Choosing quality neckring profile gauges

At Penico Gauges, we manufacture our products so they can help clients to ensure their moulds have the right interlocking fits. This allows you to prolong the life of your moulds. The range of products we have is second to none too. We have solutions capable of meeting all kinds of specifications.

So, if you would like to purchase any neckring profile gauges or other products, feel free to contact us. Every gauge we offer is high quality and we calibrate them with care to give accurate readings.