Rely on glass jars for long term dry food storage

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You are likely familiar with the sight of displaying home preserves or fresh fruits in mason jars. However, you may not know that glass jars can effectively preserve dry foods. To help you understand more, we are going to discuss the benefits of employing the containers to store these foods. This will help to show that they are useful for the long term.

Moisture and oxygen barrier

To begin with, glass containers generate an authentic moisture and oxygen barrier. Glass is not permeable. Therefore, it is not going to let water or air seep through. This can help to preserve the contents, keeping them fresh for longer.

Water and air tight lids

Glass containers are also known to come with water tight and air tight lids. These also help to keep moisture and air out of your container. Once again that prolongs the life of the items you store.

Rodents and insects

Not to mention, glass containers are rodent and insect proof. The glass creates an environmental barrier. This ensures that there won't be any lingering odours attracting the pests. The material is also durable enough so they can't eat or break through it.


You are free to reuse glass bottles without a large reduction in quality. These containers are quite durable, especially when you compare to things like paper, card, and plastics. Despite glass' fragile nature, the durability is very good. You can use these products repeatedly without worrying about them weakening or getting tainted. Plus, the better the original quality, the longer you can expect them to last.

What type to use?

Not every kind of glass jar is going to work here of course. The best options include mason jars and ones with decent lids. The first are made specifically with food preservation in mind. As for the latter, remember to choose the jars that are sturdy and a suitable size.

Making quality containers with blank mould gauges

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