Reaming, boring and drilling - What is the difference?

One thing you will notice quickly in the manufacturing industry is just how many different processes there are. This offers a lot of options and makes it possible to create such a huge array of products. However, it can cause confusion, especially when one process looks very similar to another. Penico is happy to clear up the matter with reaming, boring, and drilling. We know a lot about the first of these because we are one of the top mould reamer makers in the world.

Why is there confusion?

The problem is that reaming, drilling and boring all do a very similar thing - they remove material to create a hole. However, there are big differences in how they work and when to use them.

Drilling is typically the first step in the process of creating a hole. It requires the use of one or more drill bits to tackle the job. With the right tooling it is possible to drill a hole in various materials, including very durable metals.

In a number of cases boring can follow drilling to help expand the hole and make it neater. In most situations you need a lathe and the right tooling to do this.

The reaming process has more in common with boring than drilling because it does not actually create the hole. Instead it works to improve and smooth one. It uses different tooling once again. With holes you will usually use a deburring tool. However, when it comes to moulds you will need a special mould reamer.

The thing to keep in mind here is you can't do boring or reaming without first having a hole or mould cavity to work with. Therefore those two processes are reliant on drilling.

Talk to us to find a mould reamer

Penico Gauges is an authority on mould manufacturing and maintenance, especially in the glass container industry. We have been offering the best tooling here for many years. As a result, we are one of the market leaders and have a great reputation.

Whatever your needs, whether you want to mass produce jars or bottles, or need tooling to maintain current moulds, we can help. We create a very broad selection of tools, including gauges and reamers in various sizes. However, we can also offer a bespoke mould reamer if you need one. This may be necessary if you have non-standard equipment.