Reamers are a cost effective way of obtaining accurate holes

When you are taking on a mould repair operation, you will want to have the right gear. Our company can assist you by supplying the highest quality mould reamer money can buy. We have a full range of products to choose from. Moreover, you also have the choice to purchase a driving wrench for it.


Cutting tools, machine tools, and toolholders have seen many advancements over the years. As a result, manufacturing engineers and machinists could increase the efficiency of hole making. Now it requires fewer tools to create accurate holes. 

One example of the advances would be high-performance drills. Previously, it was not uncommon for machinists to spot-drill, drill, and ream afterwards to obtain the right hole geometry. Now, it is possible to create the same hole in one operation using the right drill.

There is a problem here though. It is that toolmakers don't always provide high-performance drills in the correct size. In other cases, the machine procedure or tool can't support the cutting parameters for the drill. As a result, you require other utensils to achieve the necessary hole geometry. Reamers have proven themselves to be the most cost efficient option here.

Figuring out which tool is the most suitable

There are all kinds of reamers to choose from. Which one you go for doesn't matter however. The ideal way of figuring out whether one tool is the most appropriate is to speak with a toolmaker. If it is doable, test tools within your facility. When testing isn't a possibility, ask for a performance guarantee.

At Penico Gauges, we have the mould reamer available in Carbide Tipped as well as High Speed Steel designs. The former is suitable for bronze and cast iron moulds. You can use HSS ones with cast iron moulds as well. 

If our products interest you and you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you to choose the right tool and offer lots of useful advice.