Protecting the threads on neckrings

At Penico we support our clients by delivering market leading products that exceed their expectations. We cater for various needs, able to deliver bespoke neckring profile gauges as well as many other key tools. With them manufacturers can create the perfect moulds and maintain them effectively. As a result, they can produce high quality containers.


One of the greatest things about glass containers is they are 100% reusable. No matter what you store in a jar or bottle, it won't tarnish it. That includes everything from oil to jam. More importantly, the container will preserve the flavour of what you are storing and won't influence it. In all, this means these are a better option than other materials, including plastic.


One of the things that help make glass containers so reusable is the fact they have a neckring with threads. This means it is possible to screw a lid in place to seal the container. In turn that will protect and preserve the contents for longer.

As you can see, the neck of the container is a vital part. It must be strong to withstand the force of someone twisting a lid on and off. It also needs to be precise, ensuring the mould for the threads is right. If there is a problem here it may mean the lid cannot screw on securely.

Manufacturers need to keep the above in mind and pay attention to the threads. Firstly they have to ensure the original design is right. On top of that they must make sure the moulds match this precisely.

Then, it is important to stay up to date with the upkeep and maintenance. Failing to do this could allow imperfections in the threads in the mould, including damage or a deposit of glass or dirt. Any of these could affect the moulding and quality of the whole neck.

Your mould maintenance should include regular visual inspections to check the moulds, especially at the neckrings. You should also ensure that you have suitable gauges to measure them and confirm they are the right dimensions.

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Penico is a global leader in our niche. Many glass container manufacturers trust us to deliver the perfect tools so they can make quality products. We never let them down, ensuring we deliver on our promises and also offer value for money.

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