Polishing and texturing can assist with mould welding

We are a company that has spent a considerable amount of time forming blank mould gauges. As a result we have invaluable experience into how they work. In addition, we are familiar with the individuals who use these tools. We did this in order to better understand their requirements. With this knowledge we have no trouble providing suitable solutions.

Some situations might demand a change in mould brand. Here, you may make the decision to weld the current mould. During this you will need to address the issues rapidly and spend as little money as possible. Such a task can seem unnerving at first. However, you can make things easier by carrying out certain acts. You can find examples of these below.

Machining and polishing

One of the most important acts is machining and polishing. Doing this straight after welding eliminates any weld build-up. If you are familiar with laser welding, this should not be too hard. This welding technique's accuracy normally creates only 0.001 to 0.003 inch build-up over the necessary dimension. You are able to polish this off instead of relying on a CNC mill. 

When you introduce welding materials to exteriors at extreme volumes, you would usually use a hand mill or CNC mechanism to remove build-up. Yet, you will still require polishing to acquire an appropriate finish.

Some finishing touches

Once you near the end of the process, you may need to do some finish-polishing or texturing. Whether there is actually a requirement here shall depend on the needs of the moulder. A straightforward draw polish could be adequate. However, you might need a diamond finish.

At Penico, in addition to the best blank mould gauges, we also supply a top tier level of service. We know that some customer applications do end up being rather specific. So that we can suit them, we have a special gauge service available for you to use. Here we will offer a bespoke product so it suits your needs.

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