Not all glass is appropriate for candles

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One of the main uses for glass jars is candles. Many people wonder if these containers are capable of breaking. The truth is that there are some types of glass that are not suitable for this kind of use. That is because the material is porous, can crack, and is not heat resistant. However, there are glasses that have high resistance to heat and cracking. These are safe to use.

One of the leading examples would be pressure canning jars. These are meant to hold wax well and endure high heat. What we are going to do is talk about some of the types of glass you really need to avoid if using candles.

Old drinking glasses and mugs

To begin with, you should never use old drinking mugs or glasses. Such containers can crack, particularly if you have been using them for years. This is because they are likely to be porous. Depending on the kind of mug or glass, they could lack heat resistance.

Alkaline cleaning substances

Glass that has been cleaned using alkaline substances should also be avoided. These particular cleaners break down the material, leading to it becoming porous. Baking powder, oven cleaner, toothpaste, and bleach are all alkaline. Therefore, if you use any of them for cleaning, the container will have a higher chance of cracking.

Tipping over

Using a container that can easily tip over is also not wise. It is not safe to use anything with a small or uneven bottom. The rounder or wider your base, the sturdier your candle shall be. This is important to prevent accidents.

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