Mould making in today's world

The mould reamer is a utensil manufacturers and repairers employ in all kinds of projects. They either utilise them by hand or along with other mechanisms. They come in handy when cleaning up the inside of a mould. Usually, they can smooth and deburr any imperfections or edges on an object.

Mould creation and casting are key techniques in art and design's history. However, their applications and uses are varied. They play a big role in present day industrial and artistic activities too. What we're going to do is talk a bit about mould making in today's world.

Traditional techniques

The methods of mould casting are still very common. Moulds are used to make a variety of products, including some structural components in homes. In addition, they create household items such as jars and bottles.


As the 20th century progressed, people started seeing plaster casts as outdated relics of an aged system. In the process, a myriad of museums were lost to the public. In more recent history, these properties have been re-evaluated. This was to revalue them for the historical details that they offer.

In the postmodern age we live in now, artists have also started to reanalyse the aesthetic meaning and worth of moulding. Sean William Hunter is a prime example of an artist who employs mould making as a main aspect of his art style. There are plenty of others and many industrial companies also still rely on moulds.

At Penico Gauges, we can offer a mould reamer to aid you in mending some of the defects you may find in moulds. Whenever there are faults, the actual product will suffer as a result. Therefore, you'll want to take care of them as effectively and quickly as possible. We have the equipment to help you do this and also offer useful advice.

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