Molybdenum has taken its place in the glass industry

The mould reamer is one of the most useful tools we create here at Penico. If you don't know what it is, it is an essential item for mould repair. Standard reamers are not really suitable for moulds. With our merchandise however, you have what you need to do the job in a comprehensive manner.

Molybdenum's uses in the glass industry are incredibly broad. This is thanks to its decent electrical and mechanical attributes at high temperatures. It is the same for the non-colouring and heat transfer properties. What we are going to do is have a closer look at the glass industry and how the application of molybdenum products has influenced it.


Molybdenum items with high purity possess great corrosion resistance. This is the case when they come in contact with the majority of glass liquids. Consequently, you can use them as substances for protective covers. These can prolong the life of glass furnaces.

Melting temperatures

The melting temperature of glass tends to be between 1100ºC and 1700ºC. Usually, this is the working temperature of the forehearth and melting zone. Due to the high temperatures, any products in use here must have a high thermal resistance.

Tungsten, molybdenum, and tungsten-molybdenum alloy stand out as the most appropriate substances for direct use in several applications here. These include protective covers, stirring rod cores, and industrial electrodes. However, tungsten is hard to work with and expensive, so it has fewer uses. As a result, molybdenum is more widely utilised in the glass industry.

Molybdenum has numerous wonderful characteristics. It is fitting for the majority of glass melting furnaces. There is something to note here though; it will oxidise extremely violently once temperatures exceed 328ºC. Therefore, the components exposed to the air shall need protection from oxygen.

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