Milk is better off in a glass container

The mould reamer is one of the many incredibly useful specialist tools we offer here. It is a critical part of the mould repair procedure. With it, you have what you need to comprehensively fix any faults you come across. In addition, they keep costs down by making this task straightforward instead of a complex process.

You may not be aware of the health effects of putting milk into plastic pouches. The fact is that there are several negative connotations here. What you should do is change over to using milk in a glass bottle. If you don't know how this is better, allow us to explain it to you.


The milk that comes in glass bottles remains closer to its original state if you compare to keeping it in other packaging. Since there is less processing here, there are more enzymes left over. Therefore, it is easier for us to digest. In addition, many individuals with dairy intolerances are able to drink milk from glass bottles. Let's discuss some of the other reasons why your milk should be in a glass bottle.

Better taste

For one thing, glass bottles make the milk taste better. The thing about these containers is that they don't transfer a foreign taste or scent into the substances like plastic and paper ones do. To get that genuine taste, you are better off with glass bottles.

Greener materials

Another reason why you should start using glass bottles is due to their eco-friendly nature. As long as you don't break these containers you can use them as many times as you desire.  They won't deteriorate with time and no matter what you store, it won't tarnish the material. This can limit the waste that goes to our landfills. Even if you don't reuse them yourself, the glass is highly recyclable.

Ask us about ordering a bespoke mould reamer

At Penico Gauges, we are able to provide a reamer for each size of mould. This is possible because our designs come in sizes ranging from 2" to 7". Mould maintenance is a mandatory job, and you can't have problems with your moulds if you want to offer consistent high quality products. With our tools, you should be good to go.

So, if you would like to purchase a mould reamer, please let us know. Our prices are excellent, even if you need us to design something unique for you.