Is there a fast way of changing over my machine?

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Automotive applications demand in-process gauging. Not to mention, the volume of materials here is huge.

In mould manufacturing however, the volumes are typically far lower. In addition, you'll probably have a group of components that you'll need to change frequently.

When you create these moulds, they could have a plethora of stations. For instance, there could be 64 cavities. This would then turn into the lot size. Essentially, you're grinding 64 parts.

Once you're finished there, you then switch over to a separate piece. It could be a hot runner or a core pin. Whatever the case, they'll need a fresh set up and changeover.

Flexibility and configurations

A critical issue in the mould industry is how quickly you can change over the machine, switching one component to another. A cylindrical grinder's flexibility is a massive help in the ability to change over the mechanism rapidly.

Another key thing is the manner in which you configure the grinder. Options and accessories shall assist you in increasing grind time. They'll aid you in minimising changeover times as well. An example of an accessory would be a probe that aids you in setting up grinding wheels.

At Penico Gauges, we design our blank mould gauges with quality in mind. Once we finish a product it will be able to meet everyone's requirements. This includes careful calibration to ensure accurate readings.

These days, people are using moulds all over the world. Since this is the case, it's integral that we get every gauge right the first time. If you would like to purchase our goods, please get in touch with us.