Introducing borosilicate glass

What makes our merchandise stand out is that we design it to meet the client's exact requirements. This includes offering accurate calibration and long lasting use. After years of service, we are at the forefront of our industry. As a result, we have all the knowledge we need to create the best neckring profile gauges. By using them, you will be able to save a lot of money on complex jobs.

One type of glass you might not be familiar with is borosilicate. This is a form that contains boron trioxide. What this does is allow for an incredibly low coefficient of thermal expansion. In other words, it is not going to crack when there are extreme temperature changes. Due to its durability, it has become the top choice for wineries, labs, and high end restaurants.

Comparisons to soda lime glass

If you compare to soda lime glass, borosilicate is the superior option in many areas. However, countless businesses opt to utilise the former in their products. They do this because of its availability and low cost. It makes up 90% of the glass manufactured across the world. People use it for things like windows, beverage glasses, vases, and even furniture.

However, soda lime glass is vulnerable to shock and it does not handle extreme heat changes very well. Its coefficient is over twice that of borosilicate. Therefore, it expands twice as quickly when you expose it to heat. As a result, it will break rather rapidly. Since borosilicate glass has a far larger amount of silicon dioxide, it is much less susceptible to fractures.

One last interesting fact about borosilicate is that it is also resistant to chemicals. The boron makes it less soluble. So, no unwanted materials shall leach into the glass.

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