Interesting info about glass container production

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Glass use

Glass is a material that is centuries old. At one point in history it was only available to the wealthy because of the price to produce it. Fast forward to today and contemporary glass production techniques make it a cheaper option that almost everyone can access. It is also now normal to encounter a plethora of glass container shapes in shops. 

There are many reasons why glass containers are so popular. Firstly they do not alter the taste of the goods. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for beverages and foods. The glass is virtually impermeable and inert. This makes it the most stable packing medium. Thanks to its versatility, we use it in various areas.

Silica sand

When it comes to the production, the principal material to create clear glass is silica sand. This is a fine white sand that doesn't include chemicals. You melt it into a liquid at extreme temperatures. When it cools, it is never going to form a proper solid. It stays in the condition between a liquid and solid. We call this an amorphous solid. Afterwards, you put the molten glass inside a mould and fashion the bottles and containers.

During the container manufacturing process, you need to mix the silica sand with a few other substances. You add soda ash in small amounts to lower the melting point. This way it can melt quicker within the furnace, which saves energy. You will have to add limestone as well to stop the container dissolving in water.

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