Inkjet printing is part of the world of container glass

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One piece of technology that has made its way into the world of glass containers is inkjet printing. The increasing reliability and benefits of the printers are becoming more compelling. These days, the technology and processes exist to expedite its use in the glass industry.

Printing on glass

Inkjet has seen wide adoption. This is for flat glass printing in interior design and architectural applications. Decorative glass provides you with the highest amount of potential for growth here. More and more designers and architects are asking for custom glass for their endeavours.

An additional area for growth in flat glass would be the requirement for energy efficiency. Inkjet technology is able to make contributions in this functional area too. It can do so by altering the density of those patterns that get printed onto the glass. Users are able to control the level of natural light that enters a particular room.

The container glass

As for inkjet printing container glass, the printheads are meant to print onto flat exteriors. However, the world of hollow or container glass has many sizes and shapes to speak of. In recent years inkjet technology has come up with techniques and procedures to print onto complex objects. This includes conical shapes and cylinders. Basically, these inkjet printers are taking the cylinder and wrapping a flat image around it. This also means that you don't require compensation in software.

Neckring profile gauges for making glass containers

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