How does light behave around glass?

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Light has several properties that influence how we visualise things. When waves meet numerous mediums and barriers, such as glass and water, they behave differently. What we are going to do is discuss some of the behaviours of light on glass. It is interesting to think about, especially if you are trying to design high quality containers.


Firstly there is transmission. A transparent substance, such as a normal glass window, enables nearly all light to pass through. With an opaque material, zero light can pass through. As for a translucent material like shower doors, there is some transmission. However, this scatters the light, leading to an unclear picture of what lies behind the glass.


Secondly, is refraction. Light moves at differing speeds through separate mediums. Passing between them changes the light's direction. It also normally causes it to change its speed. The light bending via a convex lens can make objects seem bigger.


This is where the light waves spread and bend. It is what produces rainbows. Additionally, you can diffract light purposely with a spectrometer to divide the wavelengths. That comes in handy for scientific projects when measuring certain kinds of light.


Finally, we have scattering. Here, light bounces off the glass in several directions. There can be a lot or a minimal amount. This depends on what sort of wave it is, as well as the item it is bouncing off. It is for this reason why the sky is blue.

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