Gob and container forming

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Two parts

There are two essential parts to the glass container forming process. Gob forming is one and the other is container forming. With the former, you transform your molten glass into forms that you can mould. Your glass goes into the feeder. Here, a plunger pushes it down past a small tube. Once the glass stream comes out of the tube, it is cut off. You do this so you can create a gob, which is a chunk of glass.

Now, we will move onto the container forming operation. This is the heart of glass container production. What happens is that you manipulate and/or blow it into its final shape. In order to fabricate separate container variants, you must use distinct forming strategies. With jars, you would use the press-and-blow method. As for bottles, people favour the blow-and-blow approach.

A blank side and a blow side

Both procedures include a blank side. It is here where you form a gob into a semi-finished state that is called a parison. In addition, there is a blow side. This is where you obtain the final shape.

The containers begin in an upside down state. It is also gripped by the neck ring. This permits you to invert the parison as it shifts from the blank side to the blow one.

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