Glass containers are perfect for high moisture foods

If you need a few neckring profile gauges, you should make our company your number one choice. The high quality products we supply are famous all around the world. The sheer range of gauges we offer is second to none. With such a large stock, finding something suitable for every need is an easy task.

We've been familiar with the glass container industry for years. One thing we learned during this time is that glass containers tend to be the preference for high moisture foods. Glass can endure contact with acid foods like jelly and jam for long periods. More importantly it feels more prestigious than plastic.

You might need to pasteurise the product either by immersion in a hot water bath or hot fill and hold. If you do, then the glass can withstand the temperature and offer the merchandise decent protection.

The seal's importance

The seal is very important. Its integrity works to ensure the safety and stability of the product. A vacuum in the headspace is what provides the seal. This is the section in the jar that lies between the closure and product. 

The simplest process to create a vacuum in your package utilising a hermetic seal is to fill the product at a higher temperature. Soon enough, the product will cool and shrink. As this happens, the vacuum forms by the water vapour and steam condensing in the headspace. You can also fashion a one using a steam-vacuum closing mechanism.

At Penico, we create our neckring profile gauges so that they have the right interlocking fits. With the fits, they'll be more effective and allow you to increase the life of your moulds. Your gauging problems will soon be in the past. 

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