Glass container handling done correctly

We are a company that's known for its mould reamer products. As its name suggests, you use this tool on various moulds. It proves especially useful during repair projects. With one of these tools, you can repair faults in a comprehensive manner with little downtime. The reamer is something we would recommend to anyone aiming to improve their maintenance practices.

Being experts on the subject of glass containers, we know our fair share about handling them. Normally, you would deliver these receptacles on shrink wrapped pallets in bulk. You should check the pallet shroud for holes and all over the pallet for broken glass. Should you come across any damaged pallets, then rejecting them would be preferable.

Storing pallets

It is unwise to store pallets of glass six high as well. You should handle them carefully and also avoid shunting them. To stop the lift masts from encountering the glass, you need to guard your forklift trucks. 

Some instances will require you to use air rinser cleaning on your filling line. During these scenarios, you shouldn't store your empty containers outside. 

For pallets harmed in on-site warehousing efforts, you can't forward them to the filling area. You must clear them of broken glass first.

To prevent damage to the glass, you need to remove any plastic sheeting. It's possible to use knives for this task. If you do use one, see to it that you always keep the blade shrouded. You can harm the glass otherwise. 

Additionally, it's imperative that you remove any layer pads placed between your containers. Do so in a way that stops debris from dropping onto the neighbouring glass layer.

At Penico Gauges, we ship our mould reamer merchandise to countries all over the world. We test these products extensively before release. This is to ensure that everything works properly. In addition we calibrate them in-house to ensure accuracy.

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