Glass bottles still have their uses

We are a business that provides everyone with top calibre blank mould gauges. The quality of our products is already unbeatable. However, we're always looking for ways we can improve. We mean this for both our merchandise and our customer service.

In today's society, much of our household waste consists of paper. Cardboard and plastic make up a good chunk as well. Many of these materials need recycling. Additionally, there are several environmental considerations to think about when filling our bins. In terms of glass containers, there are those who choose not to use them anymore because of the costs. However, there are valid reasons for using them rather than plastic.


There's one main benefit of using glass bottles for fluids like milk instead of cartons or plastic containers. It is that you can reuse them almost instantly. There are dairies that still use glass bottles for their operations. Those that have ask individuals to use a rinse and return policy. This is precisely what it sounds like. Once you're done, you can rinse them out and leave them for collection. That way the provider does not use lots of resources making new bottles.

A quick and easy recycling process

After collection, the bottles go back to the dairy. It is here where they undergo sterilisation with hot water. Following this, they're refilled and recapped. When they're in suitable condition again, they go out for delivery. The process keeps repeating from there.

This is a far quicker procedure than throwing carton and plastic containers into the recycling bin and waiting for the collection. With materials like these, you need to sort them out at a dedicated facility. This too can take a while and consumes energy.

At Penico Gauges, we have no trouble responding to the unique requirements of our clients. With each passing year, moulds are becoming more important in the container manufacturing industry. As such, the people working for it must have functional tools in their possession. We are happy to supply them, including the highest quality blank mould gauges. 

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