Freeze that food

When businesses find that they are in need of neckring profile gauges, they often come to us. We are well known for providing items capable of meeting their specific requirements. Our team can accomplish this because we have spent many years working in the industry. As a result, our experience with the products is unbeatable. We can help clients to choose tools that will help them to create high quality glass containers.

You may be someone that is looking for a way of storing your food for a long period. Glass containers are a brilliant option here. This is true if you are putting it in the fridge, pantry, or even the freezer. It is completely safe and incredibly easy to freeze food inside glass as long as you choose a suitable product. It must be freezer safe and you must leave enough free space so that the contents can expand without cracking or shattering the container.

If you have never used a glass container to freeze food, you may wonder why it is a good option. Below we are going to go over the reasons why you should consider it.

Eco friendly

To begin with, this is healthier for the environment. Unlike plastic, glass is not made using petrochemicals. Glass is a resource efficient substance because it only requires natural raw materials like sand. It is possible to recycle many kinds of glass as well. That means the resources should never go to waste; instead they can become new products.

Less food waste

Freezing food in glass also leads to less waste. You can freeze leftovers instead of leaving them in the fridge. With vegetable scraps, you can freeze them to make soups and broths later. All the food will last longer when you put it in the freezer, giving you a few months rather than having to use it in days.

Less packaging waste

The greatest thing about glass containers is you can use them time and again without any concerns. The glass won't discolour or influence the flavour of the food. This is much better than using single use plastic bags or containers that may only give you a few uses.


Also, you can see the contents inside glass containers and jars. This means that the food won't disappear into the depths of your freezer.

Other benefits

It is worth noting that it is easier to keep these containers in tip top shape. For example they are very easy to clean. It helps that the glass is not porous so it does not absorb colour or smells. Glass is scratch proof too. After using it for so long, it will still look like new.

Ordering neckring profile gauges

At Penico Gauges, we have customers from all across the UK and overseas that depend on us to offer them effective products. Our gauging tools and reamers can help them to run their business more smoothly. For example, they make mould repair operations much easier. This can save costs and improve the quality of their containers.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about our neckring profile gauges or any other tool we offer, you are welcome to contact us. We have a great reputation and have confidence that every single product we produce will be first rate.