Exiting the lehr

If someone requires neckring profile gauges, they come to us. Those who have had the pleasure to work with us before know they can count on the quality of our products. In addition, many recommend us to others so they can take advantage of what we are offering. Our products are an essential part of the mould repair process, making them a very popular tool.

The glass container process is one that involves many phases. At one point, it goes through what is called the lehr. What we are going to do is talk about what happens at the stage where the container exits the lehr. This is an important time and can have a big impact on the quality of the final piece.


Once it comes out of the lehr, the glassware comes to the inspection phase. At this point, your glass has to be completely cool. We refer to this as the Cold End. This differs to the production stages that came before. Collectively, we call these the Hot End.

It was the case that we did inspections manually here. You would accomplish this using hand tools or by eye. These days however we have fully automated equipment. They use visual and physical tests to see whether every container has the right thickness, shape, and size.

Something else inspection helps with is identifying bubbles and small cracks. Furthermore, they seek out foreign bodies called stones. Normally, these are parts of the refractory that have broken off. Any container that does not pass the tests faces rejection.


The last thing that occurs is the containers being packed and put onto pallets carefully. Alternatively, they end up in boxes. When you finish here, the products are ready for transport. From there, the client will fill, seal, label, and distribute them for sale.

Ordering neckring profile gauges

At Penico Gauges, we design our products so they meet the highest standards possible. This assists us in making sure that clients end up with the most appropriate containers. Whether you need neckring profile gauges, a reamer, or something else, we can cater for you.

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