Evaluation and cleaning is essential for mould rebranding

The mould reamer is a tool that proves useful when you need to perform repairs. Your standard reamers might have their uses. However, they may not be able to work well on moulds. With our designs, it's the opposite. They make it possible for you to attend to any fault with little difficulty.

Sometimes a change in mould brand is necessary. In these cases, someone may make the decision to weld the current mould. Attempting to manage the concerns rapidly and by spending the lowest amount of money possible can prove to be tricky. There is a way to simplify the process though. All you have to do is carry out certain tasks. Two of the most important here are evaluation and cleaning.

Why are they important?

Cleaning and evaluation together are rather time consuming. However, they are vital. If you clean the mould you can remove all non-metallic coatings and contaminants. Both of them can make the engraving and welding operations harder. In addition, this can reveal damage to parting lines, cracks, and other problems. This is a brilliant time to examine critical shutoff dimensions and wear surfaces so you can fix them later.

The most important steps of all

In the entire mould repair procedure, these initial steps may be the most vital. They will aid the shop in deciding the cost and viability of changes and repairs. Those in charge can use the info they gain to weigh the costs against the price for a new mould. If repair and rebranding is possible it will be cheaper.

At Penico Gauges, we provide a wide variety of tools, including a mould reamer to suit any need. As a result we can cater for moulds of different sizes, shapes and even distinct materials. Our team knows how crucial maintenance is and how our reamers play a part here. Therefore, they go out of their way to make sure that yours is the best product it can be. 

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