Controlling the forming process

Many professionals need to ensure that their moulds have the correct profile. If this is not the case, then the products they're making won't turn out well. We want to help you in getting each mould right. To this end, we stock and distribute first-rate neckring profile gauges. Penico have a solid reputation for the quality we offer and our ability to meet any need.

The obstacles for glass container manufacturers across the earth are essentially the same. For example they need to get the right heat, must have a suitable set-up, and need to monitor their equipment. However, there are a few unique local/regional ones. For example the quality of raw materials can vary.

Today's customers are more conscious about quality. Products made with an unbalanced forming operation aren't likely to meet the high standards. Customers desire higher flexibility too. Instead of taking stock, many want bespoke designs, styles, and shapes. These must also reflect their brand.

A pre-condition to meet

There is one pre-condition for working on these and other issues. It's to concentrate on managing the forming process. With proper supervision it is possible to achieve 100% reproducibility. Therefore each bottle will be the same quality.

The real world doesn't seem to have reached this optimum state yet. One recurring phrase in the glass industry is; "Yesterday, everything was going smoothly, but it's a catastrophe today". This means that we're not always privy to the actual source of an issue. Yet, we attempt to compensate for the end result. Therefore, many people run from one hurdle to the next. This means they don't make much progress.

Fortunately, placing an emphasis on forming process administration does aid us. In addition, due to the technology we have now, this is easy to organise.

At Penico, we manufacture our neckring profile gauges in a range of sizes, including bespoke ones. We can create a gauge in a custom size to suit any need. If there are things you'd like to discuss with us, feel free to call the business anytime.