Containers you can make using Blow and Blow

Many projects require you to have specific equipment. This is so you can meet their unique demands. We assist people with this area by providing them with high calibre neckring profile gauges and similar goods. As leaders in the glass container industry, we make it a point to design tools that will satisfy their users.

One of the processes people use to create glass containers is Blow and Blow. What happens is that they firstly use compressed air to create the gob inside a parison. This offers the gob a uniform shape and establishes the neck finish. Following this, the parison flips to the other side of the mechanism. From here, air blows the parison into the right shape. It is possible to make several types of container using this technique so it is a very popular one.

Boston Round Bottle

The first one we will discuss is the Boston Round Bottle. They are made using USP Certified Type III glass. This is for general as well as pharmaceutical use. The bottles are ideal for plant or field sampling projects, product storage, or liquids.

Features of this bottle include a narrow screw neck opening, rounded shoulders, and a round body. These bottles are environmentally sensitive too. As a result, they aid users with disposing of waste and ensuring product integrity for extended storage.

Glass Jug

Another type of container that relies on Blow and Blow is the glass jug. Those jugs that come with moulded finger grips are an excellent storage solution for larger levels of liquid. It is common to see these in clear or amber glass.

The industries that benefit from glass jugs include environmental, educational, and pharmaceutical. Others include medical, automotive, and oil and gas. They are perfect for lots of applications so it is no surprise they are so popular.

Order neckring profile gauges

At Penico we use our products to help clients with making their own establishments run as smoothly as possible. We manufacture our neckring profile gauges so they have the right interlocking fit. What this means for you is that the work you carry out shall be highly efficient. Not to mention, you will be able to prolong the life of your mould.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about our merchandise. We are happy to discuss everything from the dimensions to how we make them and calibration. Ask us anything and we will offer advice so you can order with confidence.