Avoiding trouble with canning

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Canning is a method of preserving foods and often involves the usage of glass jars. The process itself can be somewhat intimidating. It is a highly scientific procedure where a lot can go wrong. You should not let this put you off though. To help, we are going to talk about some of the most common canning troubles and how to prevent them.

Should you pre-warm a lid?

First, we will discuss pre-warming lids. This is more on the side of being unnecessary rather than a mistake. At one point, some establishments recommended pre-warming the lids in addition to the jars. However, quality assurance teams did their own research into this area. The conclusion was that heating the jars was enough. There was no need to do the same for the lids.

No metal tools

Another issue would be using metal tools to get rid of air bubbles. The only thing worse is neglecting to remove them full stop. It is vital to deal with air bubbles before the processing starts. When you don't do it, the air that becomes trapped by the food shall add to the headspace. If there is excessive headspace, you can experience seal failures. You would be better off using plastic or wooden utensils when moving things around to remove headspace.

Ordering neckring profile gauges

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